Massage Services

Massage Add-Ons
Swedish Massage $65 Aromatherapy $5
30-Min Neck, Back and Shoulders $35 Stretching $8
Combo – Swedish and Deep Tissue $75 Trigger Point Therapy $5
Deep Tissue and Trigger Point $85 Cold Stones $5
Migraine Therapy 30 mins $40

All massage are a full 60 minutes unless stated otherwise.

Swedish Massage – A relaxing massage with your preferred amount of pressure. Can be
light, medium or firm. The goal of this massage is stress relief, relaxation and muscle tension
relief. With using alternation massage techniques. Swedish Massage can also be energizing.
It’s completely up to you.

30 – Min Neck, Back and Shoulder – A Swedish Massage focused on just the neck, back and shoulders. Trigger point therapy can be added to this service.

Combo Massage - Swedish Massage with some deep tissue and or trigger point on troublesome areas.

Deep Tissue and Trigger Point – Swedish Massage with much deeper pressure to get to
those deeper muscles, and trigger point on the knots and troublesome areas.

Migraine Therapy – Massage focused on the face, neck and head with the use of cold stone and aromatherapy. See the aromatherapy page for the details about the oils used.

Aromatherapy – Use of essential oils to target personal issues like stress, energy, allergy, pain and migraine. See aromatherapy page.

Stretching – Added to help lengthen muscles and alleviate soreness and tight muscles.

Trigger Point Therapy – Deep pressure added to target knots and rally tight muscles.

Cold Stones – cold therapy helps to minimize soreness when performing deep tissue and con help reduce inflammation which can help in the body’s natural healing process.